These industry titans have invested in currencies such as BTC and AVAX . The new interest in SeeSaw Protocol, which is now in its presale stage, has a lot of people thinking about this coin. In this essay, we will strive to address every question, from the perspective of a novice to that of a seasoned investor. Enrich people’s crypto experience through the promise of a fixed low fee of 3%, better rates and absolute transparency. It is also worth noting that the gap concerning Binance Smart Chain , Polygon , as well as Ethereum is anticipated to be connected by SSW in a bid to permit proprietors to allot tokens amongst the three prevalent blockchains. As a result, SeeSaw platform has the potential to transform DeFi projects.

In just over 2 weeks it has risen 450% and now each SSW is worth $.028. This is the first of 3 presale stages, and at the time of writing almost 100 million, SSW tokens have been sold. Typically, transactions take place on a single blockchain, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin , and no data or tokens can be transferred between blockchains. Seesaw Protocol, on the other hand, will act as a bridge between Binance Smart Chain , Polygon , and Ethereum , allowing holders to transfer tokens between the three popular blockchains.

Kingsized Boost for Seesaw Protocol (SSW) – As Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Apecoin (APE) Attempt a Comeback

In terms of its roadmap, the project has a planned pre-sale for the first quarter of 2022 and the subsequent launch on PancakeSwap in the second quarter. According to Seesaw Protocol’s website, the price of SSW has already increased from $0.005 to over $0.041, that’s over 640% return in just a couple of weeks. Cardano added a framework for developing decentralised finance applications with the update, while also making the platform more programmable for the developer community. Long-term potential as there is a great focus on getting children excited about new technology. Analytics Insight® is an influential platform dedicated to insights, trends, and opinion from the world of data-driven technologies.

This is because cryptocurrency holdings are taxed in the same way as any other assets people own such as stocks and property. At the end of the last bull cycle in 2018, Ripple was the third largest project in the crypto space behind Bitcoin and Ethereum and even closed with the same market cap as the latter. Taking this into consideration, if Ripple had the same market cap as Ethereum today it could be worth $7.70, a staggering 10x on its current price. Some believe that the SEC’s case against Ripple is to create FUD with investors as they know the potential the coin possesses. If and when the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC comes to an end it would be interesting to see whether the price of XRP rises, should the outcome be favorable. The Seesaw Protocol team is committed to building the most significant possible crypto community, and one way to do this is to charge a fee on every transaction.

Seesaw Protocol is the must-have new crypto since its launch in mid-January 2022, the revolutionary coin has risen by almost 2250%. The coin has a great mission, which is to invest in and educate the younger generation on how to use the future technology centred around the Metaverse. Seesaw Protocol will use 1% of its marketing pot, to fund global educational institutions. Its decentralized nature provides security to users since there is no single point of attack, making data more difficult to compromise. With the ever-increasing need for storage space in today’s virtual world, it’s simple to see why Filecoin may be an interesting long-term investment for many. The advantage this new platform has is that it is relatively newer in comparison to other layer 1 protocols that are already established.

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The recent rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum , with the former surging past $47,500 has led the market in the right direction. Owners of the coin will benefit from SSW trading, which means that a large trading volume will result in a high value of your held pie. This will provide access to the next presale round, which will finish a month later on March 25th, 2022 with 89,100,000. The last presale round will conclude on April 8, 2022, with 29,700,000 SSW tokens expected to be sold. While the market was first hesitant to engage in the brand and accept its presence, we are now witnessing increased investments in the name, as well as large names joining the train.

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Its aim was to make blockchain technology more accessible and therefore further enable programmer adoption of cryptocurrencies and FinTech as a whole. When compared to some other major blockchains, EOS has an advantage when it comes to scalability. At the time of writing, EOS is worth $2.47, up 3% over the past 24 hours. Reading this you might think that it is now too late to start investing in the new cryptocurrency and start injecting into your wallet extra cash for extra personal wealth.

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On April 14th, the tokens experienced their all-time high price, trading at $0.46. Launched in January 2022, the protocol is a fairly new and ambitious blockchain-based project created to bridge multiple blockchains. It currently runs on the BNB Chain with plans to also run on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Seesaw Protocol will launch on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain and bridge between the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Its creators claim SSW will be able to merge Binance Smart Chain with Ethereum and Polygon . The creators behind EOS chose to extend their ICO for the best part of an entire year; 350 days. They were divvied up by the ratio of investment rather than on price alone. For instance, someone who invested 1 Ethereum may receive all 2 million EOS tokens on one day but only receive 200,000 EOS tokens the day after if 10 people had invested 1 ETH. The EOS presale began with huge sales and lulled in the middle, before skyrocketing towards the end as hype built. An amount totaling more than $4 billion was raised over the course of 350 days.

As for now, how the tokens will behave in the future, only time will tell. On the bright side, their current market price makes them an ideal entry point into the crypto market. Just remember to do your research before investing in any crypto project. These matters, together with everything else that is happening in this great big world we occupy, have made it hard to have trust in anything, especially volatility in the perceived ‘safe’ investment markets.

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That means that customers can earn more Seesaw Token just by holding it in their wallets. A big difference between some current cryptocurrencies already on the market. Unless people have truly endowed their time into gaining knowledge of the mechanisms of cryptocurrency, it is likely that they will always have doubts. The one true example of this is Bitcoin; despite it being a household name in the crypto market, those outside of these markets view any form of cryptocurrency and its bionetworks as a con. A sample of transactions in the wallet will be promised back to the auxiliary credentials. In simple terms, this means that the audit of Seesaw Protocol is likely to be completed after its launch or once the presales have ended when the transactions come into fruition.

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